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Version 9

v9.09 (available 20 October 2014)

Includes 9.07, 9.08 and 9.09
  • Booking - add parameter to allow to have diff bed rates, but don't adjust price when change beds automatically 
  • Booking - add total approved people to top of print and PDF view of bunk list 
  • Booking - allow members to add people to a booking which is already under way (i.e. current date > start date) 
  • Booking - allow people in booking to stay for different nights 
  • Booking - change cancel people / nights to display either X or tick instead of R symbol
  • Booking - confirm page shows multiple booking fees when have multiple booking periods
  • Booking - in my bookings / manage bookings, when change a bed type, it also changes the preferred bed type displayed. The preferred bed type should not change 
  • Booking - remove the 0 from Evening Meals so members have to specifically enter how many meals they want (for new bookings)
  • Booking - when check booking periods, if within the ignore nights parameter then it ignores min nights, but also status rules. shouldn't ignore status rules
  • Financial - add pay remaining amount now field to payment screen, so when making a payment with credit note which doesn't cover full amount of invoice, can choose whether to make rest of payment
  • Report - add new report to show bunk nights by membership status and date
  • Report - update bunk list report to not include the all lodges section when there is only one lodge 
  • Report - update Bunk List with License Report to not show people who are checking out (should only show those staying the night) 
  • Booking - confirmation summary shows all nights for each booking period, instead of just those nights in the booking period 
  • Report - fix bunk list license report to include correct data and only work off single night field
  • Booking - fix error with booking fee displaying twice on confirm page when booking across multiple booking periods 
  • Booking - fixes to bunk list screen view 

v9.06 (available 14 April 2014)

Includes 9.05 
  • Booking - create members bunk list view page without any menus etc for use on a screen at the lodge
  • Booking - add bed type to bookings detailed report
  • Booking - availability not displaying correctly when have diff bed types on and bed type names are long (decrease font size)
  • Booking - fix issue with emails being sent when pay for booking even if turn off notification email
  • Booking - update timer so will continue to countdown even after log out and log back in again
  • Financial - ability to add "includes GST of $x.xx" to bottom of invoice, where GST is calculated based on invoice total and new parameter GSTPercent 
  • Financial - add "General Fee" to invoice line types 
  • Financial - invoice doesn't show on record payment page when type is other and allow purchases turned off 
  • Financial - remove guests from subscription types in member fee page
  • General - add bpayid to top of invoice (based on memberhsipprofilefields)
  • General - issues with editor only displaying HTML mode in IE11
  • General - potentially dangerous request.form error message when sending login after created - due to editor not loading correctly in IE11 
  • General - update Google Analytics tracking so can add full code, and select where renders in the page (use GoogleAnalyticsPosition and GoogleAnalyticsTrackingCode parameters)
  • Booking - fix error where weekend and weeknight bookings not showing correctly on availability calendar

v9.04 (available 19 March 2014)

  • Booking - change "included" to be "permitted" in booking period error message (when making a booking)
  • Booking - fix error on save when have checkStatusForBookingPeriod = false 
  • Financial - link in invoice detail report doesn't open invoice correctly (takes to login page) 
  • Financial - set it up to email me when deadlock error occurs on transaction (as means might have been processed twice) 
  • General - allow members to add DOB if no current value in profile (based on allowMemberAddDOB param)
  • General - make width of year fields and age on make booking page fields wider so will show full info on safari 

v9.03 (available 18 March 2014)

  • Booking - ability to have age as at first night in booking
  • Booking - add booking fee to total shown on booking email
  • Booking - add invoice total details to booking email 
  • Booking - add member statuses to booking periods (based on CheckStatusForBookingPeriod param) 
  • Booking - conditions not displayed when original booking with nights not covered by condition gets nights covered by condition added
  • Booking - dates which have enabled and disabled booking periods show as green and "active" in availability calendar, and availability calendar doesn't adhere to week night or weekend booking periods
  • Booking - error in timer display when set to more than 48 hours
  • Booking - error when changing dates with date links in SYB 
  • Booking - fix bug which makes date selector display when choose change criteria from members bed list page when have bunkListMemberView set to NextDays
  • Financial - issue with payment being processed twice resulting in extra credit note for customer
  • Financial - update "closed" invoices to be "bad debt" , and ensure they are included in both financial position and balance. Also edit help text to reference unfinancial on bed debt status and add help text to change status field on bulk update invoice. 
  • General - add select all option to all checkbox lists 
  • Membership - fix error where club id field displaying even when not selected in MembershipProfileFields parameter
  • Report - date format on bed changeover report is in USA format - needs to be generic
  • Report - invoice lines report has incorrect file name 

 v9.02 (available 18 March 2014)

  • Booking - ability to add a booking fee per person per booking (use bookingfee parameter)
  • Booking - add booking conditions to My Bookings and Manage Bookings pages
  • Booking - fix for staggered booking periods when booking with a date which has no periods set up 
  • Booking - selecting forward or back buttons, or change criteria link on the VIEW bunk list page redirects to the EDIT bunk list page
  • General - add parameter to turn off error handling so hosting will get real errors 
  • General - fix error with dates in adding and editing work parties

v9.01 (available 9 February 2014)

  • Booking - add booking conditions functionality (new page in admin area to create booking conditions which are displayed for members to accept when making a booking)
  • Booking - multiple emails being sent when create offline bookings and also being sent even when select dont send email 
  • Financial - change committee record payment page so doesn't populate amount to pay - to enforce entering of correct amount 
  • Financial - don't allow over payment of invoice on committee or member payment page