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2017 Releases

2017.01 (Available 10 Mar 2017)

New Features & Enhancements

  • Booking - Copy function for Booking Openings and Periods (CS-185, Brindabella)
  • Booking - Show day name as well as date on Manage and My Bookings (CS-180, Iwikau)
  • Booking - Add gender to Manage Booking page (CS-182, Iwikau)
  • Booking - Add ShowDueDateBookingInvoice parameter so can set differently for bookings and other invoices (CS-172, KAC)
  • Booking - Add Send Invoice link to Manage Bookings page (CS-175, KAC)
  • Booking - Add Guest Dietary Requirements (CS-171, KAC)
  • Financial - Update CBA to use SHA256 (CS-156, Brindabella)
  • Financial - Enable additional fields for Message area on Contact Members page to show more invoice and booking info in emails (CS-173, KAC)
  • Financial - Ability to select a template when emailing invoices from Invoice page (CS-174, KAC)
  • General - Add scaling info to enable future use of mobile stylesheets (CS-178, Waikato)
  • Report - Additional filters on Invoices Summary Report (CS-176, KAC)
  • Report - New report to show all Accepted bookings where people are not allocated to beds (CS-177, KAC)


  • Booking - Adding people when not all staying same nights causes all people already in booking to be accepted (CS-141, Brindabella)
  • Booking - Incorrectly gets status based on age when AllowGetRateFromAge parameter is set to false, but some statuses have the getRateFromAge value set (CS-98, Gore Hill)
  • Booking - Doesn't change last night when add extra nights (therefore adding guests only adds for first night) (CS-188, Iwikau)
  • Booking - Bed list incorrect when BunkListMemberShowAllocation = false (CS-184, Iwikau)
  • Financial - Change manual invoice line causes financials to be incorrect (CS-187, Iwikau)
  • Financial - Test changing BookingPaymentModel param (CS-191, Taki)