Club System DEMO Site
Club System Demo Site

Version 5


v5.19 (available from 1 Feb 2012)  

  • Update balance report to work successfully with long member names (was getting truncate error)
  • Update contact members page to process remaining emails correctly if one fails
  • Add MaxHttpCollectionKeys setting to config file to overcome error on Set Financial page due to .net security update

v5.18 (available from 24 Jul 2011)  

  •  Update address labels to display names correctly when using title and address to membership profile fields
  • Update to photo gallery to fix ordering of photos
  • Update button on payment page to say "Save" when transferring between accounts (as opposed to "Continue to PayPal"
  • Clean up photo gallery links and process for adding photos
  • Update help text on committee roles page to state member must be committee or admin secure level to access committee area of site

v5.17 (available from 20 Mar 2011)

  • Add fields to pages so can have different text displayed in the menu than for page titles
  • Add field to allow keywords to be entered for each page
  • Allow page content to include iframes (ensure copy iframes via notepad before into the editor)
  • Resolve error with PayPal transactions not being recorded correctly with AutoUpdateFinancial parameter set to true
  • Update suburb, state and postcode to all be on the same line for US and AU address labels
  • Update address labels to create PDF for more control over layout and printing
  • Update filter on booking reports to allow selection of multiple booking statuses
  • Update bunk night report to include membership statuses per lodge
  • Add new parameters to add text to booking emails based on booking status (e.g. auto add different text to approved bookings than for cancelled bookings)
  • Add start guest name to Make Offline Booking so can enter in a partial name for multiple guests (e.g. enter McLeod Family and get McLeod Family 1, McLeod Family 2 etc)
  • New captcha control for contact us page
v5.16 (available from 6 Mar 2011)

  • Add ability to have multiple photo gallery pages with different security (same functionality as for document libraries)
  • Update mailing list page to enable members to be added to a mailing list on creation
  • Add option to select members based on bookings when contacting members
  • Resolve error with past purchases page
  • Update Contact Members to:
    • not add double line breaks when sending emails
    • Allow user to choose whether to send duplicate emails when more than one member has the same email address
  • Resolve issue to allow tab to next field after choosing a member from the auto complete fields
  • Updated robots.txt to exclude error pages from search results

v5.15 (available from 14 Feb 2011)

  •  Update the way emails are sent to provide more feedback, and ensure process is completed when there are many emails to send
  • Save details of all emails sent to the database and add a new page on which to view the history

v5.14 (available from 30 January)

  • Resolve error when trying to upload a document in IE and Firefox
  • When allocating people to bunks, always show the allocation page to ensure people have been allocated the correct bunks, and resolve error on that page (SYB only)
  • Add parameter to allow display of AM and PM duty columns on bunk list
  • When a member updates a booking, always set requires attention flag to true
  • Update balance report
  • Add more optional parameters to member profile: Club ID, License Plate / Car Registration, Number of Keycards / Keys (controlled by MembershipProfileFields parameter)
  • Add column to display the number of financial members in each membership status to the Membership Status report
  • Update display of balances page


v5.13 (available from 21 December)

  • Add ability to send all emails to a single email address for testing purposes (TestEmailAddress parameter)
  • Fix layout of checkboxes in IE8
  • Resolve error on Set Financial Members page (note financial members can now be set automatically using AutoUpdateFinancial parameter)
  • Store member id against invoice line (a first step towards matching invoices against individual members - no visible change to site, only in DB currently)
  • Re-order invoice lines to be by member then type
  • Resolve error on mailing list page
  • Display family summary list of people with master at top
  • Don't show previous members (i.e. membership status type hidden) in family summary in members view
  • Add parameter to control which options are shown in the membership title field (MemberTitleOptions)
  • Remove ID field from transactions list on family summary page (to allow more room for long descriptions)
  • Add ability to hide / show balances for members with hidden membership types on the balance report
  • Resolve error in new Meals Requests report
  • Update payment and record transaction page to use Ajax to improve performance
  • Add payment code field to payment page to code payments (controlled by PaymentCodeOptions parameter)
  • Add payment code to transaction report


v5.12 (available from 21 November)

  • Add mailing list functionality (admin page to create lists, ability to opt in / out on member profile, ability to select mailing lists when contacting members or creating address labels)
  • Update so the site doesn't require credentials to send email (see SMTP credentials param, and other smtp params)
  • Allow using email address as username (see Username is email param)
  • Manual override for financial member (set on each members profile)
  • New optional date became full member field on profile (see Membership Profile Fields parameter)
  • Add dietary requirements to bunk list
  • Allow committee members to add photos to all galleries (not just ones they've created)
  • Allow year to go as far back as 1950 when adding documents
  • Update to log all emails sent from the site to text files
  • Add name to subject of contact us emails to more easily identify emails
  • Add help message re old password vs new password to login reminder emails
  • Update to populate from reply to email address correctly on contact members page 
  • Disable buttons on save so can't accidentally click twice


v5.11 (available from 1 August)

Booking Changes

  1. Ensure booking rules are double checked again on accept (shouldn't be able to request booking anyway unless meet booking rules)
  2. When add nights, check same people aren't included in another booking for those nights
  3. Check financial status when add people / nights
  4. Ensure meals appear on correct bunk lists when more than 1 lodge
  5. Display meals on edit an view bunk lists as well as printed
  6. Add new parameter "AllowMemberUpdateBooking" to control whether the add people / nights options are available on my booking page.  Can set to Always, Never, or New Bookings Only
  7. Disable add nights when already have 7 nights in booking (as 7 is max)
  8. Add total for each member on the show details link on my bookings and manage bookings
  9. Add message to My Bookings, Make Bookings and Payment complete page to prompt when have incomplete booking\

Financial Changes

  1. Add new parameters so can use bookings and subs balances separately.  Now have: AllowBookingBalances, AllowSubsBalances, AllowBookingInvoices (currently not available) and AllowSubsInvoices which control:
    • What you can make payments for on payments page
    • What balances are shown on balances page
    • What invoices can be created
    • What invoices and balances are displayed on member summary page
  2. Add extra prompt before creating invoices for all families
  3. Add new parameter InvoiceMargin to allow margins to be increased so can move address to display in envelope window
  4. Update send all invoices page to display a list of all invoices that will be sent
  5. Resolve error in balances report where report was shwoing different to member balance
  6. Update set financial to handle over 1000 members
  7. Update set financial page to allow set all to financial, and set all to unfinancial

Other Changes

  1. Update member drop downs to allow searching on both first and last name, as well as member id, and return results ranked.  Also return max 50, and have to enter min 3 chars to start searching (to enhance performance)
  2. Update email footer to say "sent by" instead of logged in member
  3. Update reply to on Contact Members to be mandatory field, and default to logged in member's committee email address
  4. Add new optional field (turn on using MembershipProfileFields parameter) to store member initials
  5. Add created date field when adding a member and display on profile
  6. Encode passwords in the database
  7. Update member summary to only show appropriate fields (e.g. hide lockers of club doesn't have lockers, display balances and invoices based on new financial params)
  8. Update address fields to work across different countries
  9. Default country for new members
  10. Resolve Safari issues
  11. Remove tickets from meals & merchandise maintenance page (as maintained through events page)
  12. Update google analytics tracking code to work both with and without "UA-" being supplied in th paramter
  13. Update invoice header to convert images correctly for PDFs


v5.10 (available from 20 June)

  1. Update so when a night / person is cancelled / declined using Manage Bookings page, and then accepted later it re-checks the member has enough in their balance
  2. Update so when change status as above the description shows correctly in the balance page
  3. Update Manage Bookings & My Bookings to show rate for each person / night when click show details link
  4. Resolve issue with Show Evening Meals mandatory field on booking form
  5. Resolve display issue on availability page when using Max Occupancy
  6. Update Max Occupancy to not allow occupancy to be higher than number of beds in lodge
  7. Update member drop downs on Add Person to booking to only show financial members in Members view
  8. Add ability to select members by status when emailing logins



v5.09 (released 14 June)

  1. Resolve "string or binary data would be truncated" intermittent error when emailing all members
  2. Update subjects of booking emails to correctly identify the email
  3. Resolve issue with bookings being expired
  4. Update Set Financial Members page to allow a full reset of all financial members to match their financial status to subs balance when Set Financial Members auotmatically parameter is on
  5. Update members invoices page to not display the edit icon as the invoices are not editable by members
  6. Update error logs to provide additional information to help trouble shoot errors
  7. Update bunk night report to exclude expired bookings in number of requested bookings
  8. Update reports to display selected criteria (e.g. start and end dates) on report
  9. Update booking process to make temporary bookings more stable


v5.08 (released 6 June):

  1. Add booking detailed report (lists all bunk nights for all people across bookings)
  2. Update booking summary report to fix for deleted membership statuses
  3. Remove fees for hidden members off member - fees schedule page
  4. Resolve error with member 5256 profile (was due to year on resigned date being set to 1910 which wasn't an option in the drop down. 
  5. Have resolved by allowing a year to be added to the drop down)
  6. Increase size of footer parameter to 8000 chars (including HTML)
  7. Resolve issue with invoices being emailed with "draft"
  8. Allow transfers from bookings to subs to be linked to an invoice and used as payment
  9. Add field to edit locker cost to locker pages
  10. Add in additional check / reset to auto financial behaviour on member summary and profile page
  11. Catch error when sending email from site with no SMTP server parameter entered


v5.07 (released 27 May):

  1. Fix on IgnoreMinDaysRules parameter giving error on make booking
  2. Add new reports:
    1. Lockers
    2. Work Parties
    3. Committee Comments
    4. Booking Summary
  3. Move membership export from manage members page into reports area so can include additional report functionaity (Excel, csv options)
  4. Fix for payment amounts > $1,000

v5.06 (released 24 May):

  1. Add search for unallocated lockers to lockers page
  2. Fix for help text not displaying correctly
  3. Fix for auto setting resigned date when saving non-members, or changing members to non-members
  4. Fix for group invoicing
  5. Format reports to include $ formatting
  6. Fix so can't update a member to secure level higher than your own
  7. Fix to payment page to allow payments to be against invoices
  8. Add open invoices list to membership summary page for each member
  9. Add ability to run site under https
  10. Add DB and code version numbers to left panel

v5.05 (released 18 May):

  1. Add save button to top of Add New Member form
  2. Fix for PayPal payment amounts when using a credit card fee
  3. Fix for scroll bar on new member autocomplete fields
  4. Fix for ordering on work parties

v5.04 (released 14 May)

  1. Update reports to get correct balances for all families and to order results appropriately
  2. Update Member search (in members section) to exclude members who have selected not to have their profiles shown to other members
  3. Allow reports to be generated as fully formatted Excel files and also as CSV files
  4. Bug fix to allow invoices to be generated for all families
  5. Bug fix to trim spaces off the end of email addesses when using Contact Member page

v5.03 (released 8 May)

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Add date search to events page
  3. Add ability to generate reports as PDFs 

v5.02 (released 3 May)

Booking Changes
  1. Booking Periods:
    • Ability to restrict bookings to min number of week / weekend nights
    • Ability to set total beds available for a period (may be different to the total number of bed in the lodge)
    • Ability to apply discounts rates to bookings (through setting up different booking periods with different number of min / max nights and different fee types)
    • Modify make bookings (inc. add people, cancel etc) to adhere to rules
  2. Staggered Bookings
    • Add new Staggered Bookings page
    • Modify make bookings (inc. add people, cancel etc) to adhere to rules
  3. Fixed booking error (was rounding rates to nearest dollar when making a booking)
  4. Bunk Lists
    • Ability to edit "display" names on bunk lists
    • Displays max occupancy for each night
  5. Add a link to "Make another booking" from the booking confirmation page
  1. Fix invoices so when click finalise and send removes "draft" from pdf

Membership Changes
  1. Update member drop down lists to be look up fields
  2. Add a Save button to the top of the profile page in committee view

  1. Display issues
  2. Fix uploads and email invoices for Firefox



v5.01 (released 5 April)

Note all booking functionality is currently turned off, and several pages which have functionality not yet complete have also been hidden.

Financial Changes

2.     Transfers between booking and subscription balances {P}

a.     Allow both members and committee members to transfer amounts from their booking to subs balances and vice versa

b.     When transferring from booking to subs, if there is an outstanding subs invoice allow the transfer to be made as payment on the invoice

c.     Do not let either balance become negative as a result of a transfer

Membership Changes

1.     Status change due page

a.     Add ability to filter people by membership status

b.     Add ability to hide those with no DOB recorded

2.     Membership profile

a.     When a member’s status is changed to a hidden or non member type show a warning if the member has any lockers or open bookings relating to them

b.     Add ability to add attachments / documents to committee comments for members (e.g. application forms etc)

c.     Add delete option to committee comments

d.     Add balances and last 5 transactions to summary page and membership profile

e.     Add quick actions links to the committee profile page (e.g. Create Login, Create Invoice etc)

f.      Add fields: Title, Salutation, Contact, Proposed By, Seconded By, Nominated Date, Dietary Requirements, Certificate Number {P}
Other Changes

2.     Display changes

a.     Increase page width to 1024 (currently 800) – TBC

b.     Hide recent activity on the Members landing page {P}

c.     Hide news and events on the home page {P}
8.     Increase the maximum text size allowed in WYSIWYG controls for page content and also for newsletters and contact us

10.     Update the documents page to show the full path for pages to add the documents to, rather than just the page name

11.     Address labels

a.     Add ability to search for members (like committee member search)

b.     Add title, salutation fields etc if being used and have data

12.     Allow Google analytics to be added to the site {P}