Club System DEMO Site
Club System Demo Site

Version 11

v11.10 (available Dec 2016)

Also includes 11.07, 11.08, 11.09 

  • Booking - add ability to book whole of lodge
  • Booking - add new FreezePeriod and FreezePeriodStartDay parameters 
  • Booking - update CancellationPeriodFreezeAll parameter to CancellationPeriodAllowChanges
  • Booking - add option to search to find only those bookings with an amount still owing
  • Booking - add description field for Booking Openings
  • Booking - resolve issue when updating a booking causes incorrect amounts to be refunded
  • Financial - Update PayPal to work with new security mesaures
  • Financial - update CBA to work with new security measures
  • Report - add booking created date to booking reports

Version 11.06 (available 22 May 2016)

  •  Booking - add extra logging so can track all status changes and payments to help troubleshoot issues (view by clicking more details on a booking)
  • Booking - resolve error where multiple bookings being made at once end up with bookings paid for when not enough beds

Version 11.05 (available 16 May 2016)

(includes V11.01 - 11.05) 
  • Booking - add option to booking openings to restrict number of non-members that can be booked in on each booking
  • Booking - add ability to select people to email by booking lodge and dates when choose PDF & Email Booking from Bed List
  • Booking - simplify Booking Opening and Booking Periods error messages
  • Booking - add expired as option to booking search so can find expired bookings
  • Booking - fix to hold bed once timer starts
  • Booking - fix for expiring bookings when get booking openings or booking periods error
  • Booking - fix to only return my bookings when search with booking ID on my bookings page
  • Booking - resolve issue with confirmation emails not being received
  • Booking - fix error when booking officer tries to continue a booking after an error
  • Booking - remove In Progress bookigns from waitlisted / requested count on availability and bed list
  • Financial - fix to only return my invoices when search with booking ID on my invoices page
  • General - fix redirect loop when member with secure level = public tries to log in
  • General - enforce change password when use Forgotten Password functionalityGeneral - add start & end date fields to locker allocations (controlled by LockerAllocationsShowDate parameter)
  • General - add parameter to set date and time so can easily test booking openings (TestDateTime parameter)
  • General - when using Contact Members, change to sends to family master first, so if not sneding duplicates, then family master is person in family who receives email
  • Membership - move email address closer to top of profile
  • Membership - add secondary email field, and cc to this when using Contact Members 
  • Membership - add Website URL, Fax, Skills, Occupation, Date Joined, Date Resigned, Secondary Email to MembershipProfileFields parameter so can turn off
  • Membership - increase password max length to 16
  • Report - resolve error in transaction report when have dollar value longer than 5 digits