Club System DEMO Site
Club System Demo Site

Version 8

v8.17 (available 9 December 2013)

  • Booking - can't remove in progress bookings when the in progress bit is an update
  • Financial - add list of members in family to financial summary page, and mark which is master (only shows if more than one member in family)
  • Financial - fix financial summary page when purchase and subs turned off 
  • Report - changes to membership report to have post code / zip stored displayed as text (so doesn't drop leading 0) and to remove space at end of headings

v8.16 (available 24 November 2013)

  • Financial - add blue refund triangle back in (accidentally removed when don't use credit note type)
  • Financial - add filter options to committee > invoices page to allow to select different subsets of members to work with
  • Financial - change Pay Later button on committee view to be Cancel, and Save button on member view to be Pay Now
  • Financial - don't allow to purchase event tickets or meals or merchandise if unfinancial (based on OnlyAllowPurchasesWhenFinancial parameter)
  • Financial - fix bug where invoices not rolling over to overdue status
  • Financial - Fix displaying "no open invoices" message when click pay now on red panel
  • Financial - update AutoUpdateFinancial parameter to control what to base financial on (all, subs, open invoices or manual), update financial check to allow for new open invoices type and remove AutoUpdateFinancialAllTypes param 
  • Financial - when use edit person to change a booking from cancelled back to accepted it doesn't re-open the invoice 

v8.15 (available 10 November)

  • Financial - add link to financial summary page to payment complete message
  • Financial - resolve error on transtype when make a payment using credit note
  • Financial - update financial summary and members open invoices view to display all open invoices, regardless of date 
  • Financial - when using a credit note where type is different to invoice, then need to add transactions to transfer $ to the correct type 

v8.14 (available 8 November 2013)

  • Booking - add version querystring to SYB background images to stop caching between versions 
  • Booking - allow to have a single screen for SYB (i.e. no screen of full lodge then having to pick which area)
  • Booking - update availability calendar so no booking period shows the same as disabled booking period (i.e. red)
  • Financial - add Lodge Officer Credit and Gift to payment code options 
  • Financial - add message box at top of page when have open invoice to pay with link to make payment page (controlled by showOpenInvoices param) 
  • Financial - after record payment for credit note, link to "View all transactions" doesn't go to transaction page
  • Financial - allow invoice to be paid with any type of credit note, and hide credit note types (controlled by UseTypeForCreditNotes param) 
  • Financial - increase number of transactions displayed to 200
  • Financial - update invoices & credit notes search to ignore all other search criteria if any invoice ids are entered
  • General - add filter / search to work parties page so can find older ones
  • General - update wording on Generate Login to make it clear at which step the login is actually created  

v8.13 (available 30 September 2013)

  • Booking - fix error with viewstate on bunk list when use refresh button
  • Financial - fix issue with group invoices not calculating correctly
  • Financial - update credit note and invoice search to search only on the id if that is entered (like booking search) 
  • General - allow help text to be based on parameters so can provide different help text depending on the site configuration (required before help text can be updated throughout the site)
v8.12 (available 2 September 2013)

  • Booking - fix error message says can't have more than 40 people, even when only put in 38, and allow max people in bookings to be controlled by parameter (recommend not set at more than 40) 
  • Financial - fix obj ref not set error when making payments using

v8.11 (available 18 August 2013)

  • Booking - add link to invoice to all booking emails (to include link, set BookingEmailsIncludeInvoiceLink to true)
  • Booking - error on availability page when max occupancy set to zero 
  • Booking - Manage booking page shows lodge checkbox even when only 1 lodge
  • Booking - transactions not getting added when add cancellation fees or discounts 
  • Financial - split transactions into columns for subs, bookings etc and add starting and current totals
  • General - add message to contact members page when testemail parameter is not set to send 

v8.10 (available 9 July 2013)

  • Booking - add order by field to search form on my bookings and manage bookings
  • Booking - add wait list button to manage bookings page 
  • Booking - booking period single night rule not being adhered to when have multiple people in booking 
  • Booking - change availability to have # first (when have diff bunk rates on) 
  • Booking - fix so override bed rate (when using different bed rates) doesn't round 
  • Booking - show continue and cancel buttons for in progress bookings when allowMemberUpdateBooking is never
  • Financial - hide all references to Xero as Xero is no longer available
  • Financial - when make payment using credit note, the page doesn't show any text
  • Financial - add "work party credit" as payment type option when making payments / creating credit notes
  • Report - add new invoice lines report including line type 

v8.09 (available 21 June 2013

  • Booking - add "will only go if guests can go" to manage bookings page if have checked that box when making booking
  • Booking - fix error re >20 when adding nights to existing booking with guests whose age is set to >20
  • Financial - fix error "invalid attempt to read when no data" error on payment return page 
  • General - add filter to booking period in admin view and only show future booking periods by default (can use filter to display all periods)

v8.08 (available 16 June 2013)

  • Booking - add jump links and key to bottom of availability page, as well as at top 
  • Financial - clean up message displayed after payment attempt - provide pending message if payment still pending 
  • Financial - fix timeout error when cancel paypal payment
  • Financial - resolve issue where incorrect transactions shown on members financial summary page, or when click "all transactions" link on committee financial summary page 
  • General - add AllowIndexing parameter to stop site from being indexed by search engines - set to true by default, set to false to stop indexing
  • General - add version to stylesheet url so will get new version (instead of cached one) with each update 

v8.07 (available 10 June 2013) 

  • Booking - ensure when timer runs out it doesn't expire a booking which has already been accepted
  • Booking - updates to availability page to only show waitlist if > 0, color code plenty beds available = green, <25% = orange, 0 or disabled = red and add key
  • Financial - add ability to manually complete a pending transaction by adding the PayPal ID 
  • Financial - add credit note to payment code options parameter
  • Financial - remove reference field from members payment page as is not required 
  • Financial - update transactions page to display pending trans on first page (with completed) 
  • General - add new page for when users try access secure error without being logged in that says "Please Login"
  • General - change bcc field on Contact Members page to be radio button (unchecked by default) which will bcc email address in committee roles 
  • General - change ordering on booking period page
  • General - log all errors and page visits to db
  • Report - add bed changeover report
  • Report - fix error when expired bookings not showing in report, even if selected expired status

v8.06 (available 28 May 2013)

  • Booking - increase ages for guests to be up to >25

v8.05 (available 25 May 2013)

  • Booking - fix error where booking email doesn't save unless already have a record
  • Booking - remove hidden membership statuses from staggered booking selection
  • Booking - update bed list to show all people accepted, but not in bunks (based on parameter BunkListMemberShowAllocation)
  • Booking - update staggered booking periods to ignore when have no period set up (i.e. everyone can book) 
  • Booking - update staggered booking periods to remove booking period as option
  • Financial - add financial status to financial summary, and show on all financial pages
  • General - add bcc email address field to contact members, and default value based on defaultBCC parameter
  • General - error on email templates page

v8.04 (available 20 May 2013)

  • Booking - fix for when cancel people nights and get error message re must have members when have guests, and then click save
  • General - fix error on documents and contact members pages

v8.03 (available 19 May 2013)

  • Bookings - manageBookingsDefaultStatus parameter not working correctly 
  • Financial - when bulk manage invoices and add a comment, comment is only added to first invoice
  • General - add filter option to docs so can edit older ones (also check news etc as well)
  • General - update date controls to go further back (maybe base on first year parameter)
  • Report - bunk night report showing zeros

v8.02 (available 12 May 2013)

  • Booking - bookings with no members allowed if edited after booking placed
  • Booking - error message re email not sent when accept booking after access from bunk list page
  • Booking - if status is cancelled then disable cancel button 
  • Booking - link at bottom of edit bunk list goes to incorrect page
  • Financial - can invoice for the same member twice if they have already paid their sub
  • Financial - issues with auto set financial member
  • Financial - possible to invoice for group subs multiple times in the year 
  • General - allow work party time to be recorded in part days and show days on member summary page
  • Booking - update description on bunk time limit to remove reference to allowsyb
  • Financial - resolve “Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object" error on Set Financial page
  • Report - add membership status selection criteria to financial position report
  • Report - create new report to display member and number of days work parties completed across date range 

v8.01 (available 15 April 2013) 

  • Booking - add in up to 8 more guest fields (controlled by parameter BookingFormNumGuestFields)
  • Booking - option to switch am and pm duty columns on bunk list
  • Booking - pay buttons dont show on my bookings page when AllowMembersUpdateBooking set to Never
  • General - Browser compatibility issues
  • Booking - Allow to move between dates on members view on bed list (controlled by parameters BunkListMemberNumDays and BunkListMemberView) 
  • General - add CAPTCHA to forgotten password page
  • General - when creating login, the email logins page should pre-select the member to email their login 
  • Report - fix error with null override bunk rate causing $$ amounts to be incorrect