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Club System Demo Site

Version 7

Latest Release: v7.31 (available 15 April 2013) 

  • Booking - add in up to 8 more guest fields (controlled by parameter BookingFormNumGuestFields)
  • Booking - option to switch am and pm duty columns on bunk list
  • Booking - pay buttons dont show on my bookings page when AllowMembersUpdateBooking set to Never
  • General - Browser compatibility issues
  • Booking - Allow to move between dates on members view on bed list (controlled by parameters BunkListMemberNumDays and BunkListMemberView) 
  • General - add CAPTCHA to forgotten password page
  • General - when creating login, the email logins page should pre-select the member to email their login 
  • Report - fix error with null override bunk rate causing $$ amounts to be incorrect 

v7.30 (available 22 January 2013)

  • Booking - jump to date drop down on the availability page doesn't work in all browsers
  • Booking - can't create / save booking emails unless you already have one
  • Financial - add booking dates to booking invoices 
  • Financial - add parameter to show / hide invoice due date
  • Financial - need to be able to edit booking invoices that haven't been auto generated
  • Report - issue with bunk night report and twin vs bunk beds

v7.29 (available 7 January 2013)

Includes 7.27 and 7.28
  • Booking - limit number of meals to number of people in booking
  • Booking - not correctly refunding private rooms when cancel
  • Booking - when edit bunks, then click abandon it removes all existing bunks - should revert back to what it was
  • Financial - don't allow delete auto generated booking invoice lines
  • Financial - issue with editing invoice lines ends up editing wrong lines 
  • Financial - issue with editing invoices - doesn't delete invoice lines
  • Financial - subscription invoice line sorting is inconsistent
  • Financial - when create new onvoice and go to financial summary page, it doesn't show all other invoices or credit notes
  • General - change preferred name text in contact members history to display actual name when only sending to one member
  • General - stop mailing lists from sending to members with "hidden" status types
  • Booking - add in option to accept a booking, even if it hasn't been paid (for committee)
  • Membership - when change member status to non-member of hidden, set financial to be false, and when change to hidden remove from all mailing lists 

v7.26 (available 16 December 2012)  

Includes 7.25
  • Booking - hide fee and discount fields from members on cancel people / nights page
  • Financial - $0 booking invoices staying open
  • Financial - add Create Credit Note link to top of members credit note page 
  • Financial - greater than zero checks don't allow $0.50 (see record payment page)
  • Financial - issue when reopening closed invoice - creates a second transaction
  • Financial - issues with charging and refunding private rooms (4 Done)
  • General - email address with ' in it causes issues
  • Membership - when save profile and change financial member override to no, reset financial status 
  • Booking - fields to request meals not showing when parameter set to show them
  • Booking - add filter by lodge to Committee > Manage Bookings page
  • Report - add purchase invoices & credit notes to Financial Position report
  • Report - credit note report has invoices report title and file name

v7.24 (available 18 November 2012)

  • Booking - fix to error in bunk availability
  • Financial - clear committee comments box when add a comment after save
  • Financial - display an error message for any transactions that have one
  • Financial - edit invoices page shows duplicate lines
  • General - create separate error page for restricted access (instead of using generic error page)
  • General - create separate error page for timer expired error messages
  • Report - The Meals, Merchandise & Tickets (Purchases) report has a date range but it has no effect 

v7.23 (available  14 November 2012)

  • Financial - add email address filter on manage invoices page so can get invoices for members with no emails for printing 
  • Financial - change order in invoice and credit note lists to be due date then invoice id 
  • Financial - generate PDF on manage invoices page not working 

v7.22 (available 4 November 2012)

  • Financial - add ability to select member when manually adding invoice lines (mandatory for booking invoices)
  • Financial - add cancellation and discount fields to edit people / nights page
  • Financial - add generate pdf and update last sent options to bulk manage invoices 
  • Financial - allow see financial info for deleted members (pages under committee > financial)
  • Financial - group lines on booking invoice by memberid and and new type field (to get one line per member and type) - don't group by for manually added lines 
  • Financial - tag booking invoice lines with type (new, change, change bed type, discount, fee etc) and member id
  • General - Contact Members doesn't include attachment
  • General - resolve error when sending to mailing list 
  • General - Typo on news page "If you know of a newsworthy item that should be listed here ... 
  • General - update time on contact members to be website time, not server time 

v7.21 (available 21 October 2012)

  • Booking - fix error where not checking number of each type of beds available when first request booking 
  • Booking - if cancel at twin rate, deducts twin rate, and also difference between twin and bunk as well 
  • Booking - number of people in booking in booking summary includes expired people
  • Financial - on summary page says "create invoice" above credit notes - should be "create credit note"
  • General - add "age as at" field to change member status page to allow to change in advance based on age at a certain date 
  • General - stop duplicates being sent if press f5 on email page - if already running can't start again
  • Report - bunk night report - change heading to "estimated earnings"
  • Financial - Add functionality to reset all financial members 
  • Financial - Add link to booking timer to make payment to take direct to payment screen
  • Financial - add button to pay invoice on financial summary and manage invoices page - to go directly to committee > record payment page with correct invoice selected 
  • Financial - Fix transactions link on payment successful page to take to committee transactions when in committee view 
  • General - Make contact members more stable by running in a separate process and having ability to navigate away from screen and back - also store more detail on emails sent, including link to view email sent
  • General - Resolve error when bulk sending invoices from the manage invoice page (bug causing all invoices in system to be emailed, instead of those selected)

v7.20 (available 25 August 2012)

  • Booking - fix issue where timerrunning flag not being cleared when clearing expired bookings (causing excess history to be stored, and slowing member report)
  • Financial - resolve error where cancelling multiple people in one private room added multiple lines to invoice for the private room (when should only be one)

v7.19 (available from 5 August 2012)

  • Booking - change button missing on booking confirmation page
  • Booking - issue when cancelling bookings that don't have an invoice (that were created prior to v6)

v7.18 (available from 29 July 2012)

  • Booking - update perferred bed type on old bookings (before bed type was introduced) to resolve error on edit bed list page
  • Financial - display errors on Members Fee SChedule page when no sort order set on lodges
  • Financial - financial summary position displaying twice on committee version of the page 
  • Report - issues with booking summary and detailed report
  • General - error on meals & merchandise committee form

v7.17 (available from 24 July 2012)

  • Financial - display financial position on transactions page
  • Financial - stop "payment recorded" emails for $0 being sent when pay an invoice using a credit note
  • Financial - add new parameter to hide balancing transactions (e.g. use invoice to pay CN) from transactions list

v7.16 (available from 22 July 2012)

Notes below for v7.11 through v7.16
  • General - increase page speed by updating query to check financial status to run off trigger on table update
  • Booking - add parameter to hold last booking id before upgrade to v6 or v7 to use to only display invoices for bookings created after that time 
  • Booking - resolve error where timer doesn't expire properly if user closes browser window or logs out
  • Booking - resolve error on bunk list with dropping members into bunks
  • Booking - auto accept bookings made by committee (based on same rules as when member makes a booking)
  • Booking - resolve error with correct rate on invoice when remove from a private room
  • Financial - resolve intermittent error on Manage Invoices page when change invoice statuses in bulk
  • Booking - add cancellation fee to cancel individual people and nights page so can add a cancellation fee even when only partially cancelling the booking
  • Booking - resolve error on edit bed list page
  • General - resolve error with redirect pages not displaying in the menu correctly

 v7.10 (available from 1 July 2012)

  • Financial - add ability to filter by transaction type and status on transactions page & report
  • Financial - when login as member of family, should be able to pay family invoices, and only see family financial info (not individual)
  • General - error on group memberships page - can't convert string to int 
  • General - fix issue with committee roles security and display roles on menus page to make easier to manage
  • General - update login cookie to not store secure level so can't be manually changed (store in cache instead)
  • Booking - increase max people in booking to 40
  • General - make captcha more obvious as people are not realising it needs to be entered
  • General - make editor larger (taller) for email templates 
  • General - update red and green for colour blind on availability page
  • General - when emailing to mailing lists should not include hidden members (show as error)

v7.09 (available from 14 June 2012)

Notes below are for 7.00 - 7.09
  • Email templates
  • Add primary keys and indexing to database to increase speed
  • Change cookie implementation so search engines can better index Club System sites
  • Ability to have different rates for different bed types (e.g. bunk vs twin)
  • Clean up booking processes for different parameter scenarios, including adding timer for making a payment when BookingPaymentModel is set to Advance
  • Fixes to availability and committee making bookings during disabled booking periods when have multiple lodges
  • Add guest name field to Manage Bookings search, and when enter a booking id, ignore all other search fields
  • Add "jump to" on availability page to jump to the required month
  • Clean up availability page
  • Display # on bed list when number of meals requested don't match number of people in booking for first night
  • Clean up booking emails
  • Add lodge field to Contact Members page when choose "by booking"
  • Add "BookingCostToShow" parameter to control whether to show the invoice amount or booking cost amount on My Bookings and Manage Bookings
  • Ability to add invoice lines to booking invoices
  • Fixes to member auto select drop down to correctly display the members matching the text entered
  • Add sorting to admin > booking periods page
  • Clean up the way bookings display in My Bookings and Manage Bookings, including use of Ajax to make page load faster
  • Fixes to edit bed list to enable drag and drop to work better, and add AllowReplaceOnBunkList parameter to control whether you can drop a person on an occupied bunk
  • Update "bunk" to "bed" throughout system
  • Add last updated by and date to members report
  • Bulk import club IDs