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Club System Demo Site

Version 6

v6.20 (available from 30 April 2012)

  • Financial - resolved "failed to convert parameter value to int32" error when sending invoices - only happens when click envelope icon 
  • Financial - issues with Authorize.Net due to viewstate (fix to save in session for payment notification page) 

v6.19 (available from 1 March 2012)

  • Booking - can't remove a person who is in for two nights or more from the bunk list
  • Booking - don't expire booking if partial payment has been made - and if allow to be cancelled, then need to create credit note for payment
  • Booking - showing booked bunks as held
  • Booking - update SYB so when click abandon, reverts back to previous instead of removing all bunks
  • Booking - when click abandon on timer in last step in making booking, doesn't clear up invoice and transactions correctly 
  • Financial - change button to say Purchase at step where invoice created for bookings, purchases, tickets
  • Financial - invalid postback error when try change status on an invoice - due to whats entered into comments field
  • Financial - update contact members display send duplicates and send to all fields when sending preformatted emails (e.g. invoices, email logins etc) - set to true by default, but can set to false
  • General - resolve formatting error where username and email display on the same line in the forgotten password email
  • General - update autofill member look up to work with last names with spaces (e.g. la hei)
  • General - when add new temp file (invoice, report etc) to db, clean up any old ones first - to keep database size down 
  • Membership - certificate number search field only allows 5 characters on manage members
  • Membership - fix so when first save member (add new member) it will also save mailing lists
  • General - update error page to display better error

v6.18 (available from 30 January 2012)

  • Booking - issue with not completing if member closes window before going back to CS site after payment
  • Booking - when making an offline booking, if set received from to be in the past then when timer starts it expires booking immediately and can't choose bunks
  • Booking - resolve error to ensure can't select same bunk as someone else (applies to SYB only)

v6.17 (available from 15 January 2012)

  • General - Updated bunk layouts for Sterling
  • Admin - add door code shown within parameter to control number of days a member can view the door code prior to the booking
  • Admin - add predefined characters to booking email fields on booking email admin page - booking id and door code - door code only shown based on door code param
  • Admin - create new booking emails admin page to allow different emails to be added for each lodge
  • Booking - not stopping timer correctly on successful payment
  • Booking - check booking does not auto accepts and complete after partial payment - needs full payment
  • Booking - clear timer cookie based on new timerrunning field on booking rather than when process booking - to ensure timer stops correctly if close window after payment but while timer still running
  • Booking - create new door codes page to allow door codes to be entered for lodges for date ranges
  • Booking - remove old booking email parameters
  • Booking - update booking emails to use correct email text for each lodge (based on new booking email admin page)
  • Booking - update bunk layouts to sort by sort order then by name - so can correctly sort numbered bunks to get top bunk on top
  • Booking - update email subjects to show correct status
  • Financial - add due date to invoice
  • Financial - add due date to members invoice page (and remove auto and last sent columns so will fit)
  • Financial - Remove pay icon on members invoice page when invoice is already paid
  • Financial - remove sent status from manage invoices drop down list as is no longer used
  • Financial - update manage invoices member drop down to include all members
  • General - add in check when sending email to not copy ccemail if the parameter is empty
  • General - show error on login if try login with username password that is not unique
  • Membership - when members change password, check is unique for member
  • Report - add lodge to booking transactions on transaction report


v6.16 (available from 19 December 2011)

  • Booking - add page "meal requests" to display all meal requests for a member by date (member version of existing committee page), and also all meals for a date (maybe two sections - my meals and other meals)
  • Booking - attempt to read when no data present error when click edit people / nights after cancelling the last night then adding a night to the beginning of a booking - caused by code editing first and last night and number of nights in booking to ignore cancelled nights - updated to now include all nights in booking regardless of status
  • Booking - fix typo "amout owing" should be "amount owing" on manage bookings page
  • Booking - update message when click abandon link on timer to state all bunks will be removed
  • Booking - when load bookings page, call update financial so resets all the financial statuses correctly for the drop down
  • Financial - add filter for last sent date to manage invoices search
  • Financial - add in parameter to control whether to allow members to transfer credit notes
  • Financial - add jump link next to search again link on manage invoices page to jump to bottom of page to manage invoices in bulk
  • Financial - on manage invoices page, when select change status, then change to email radio, status to change to drop down still shows
  • Financial - order invoices by date then family name on manage invoices page
  • Financial - update invoices & credit notes search so only returns top 500 results (in order to stop performance and other issues with bulk update on more than 500 invoices) - can use reports to view all invoices
  • Financial - update members payment page so if have no online payment methods, payment shows error
  • Financial - when send invoices, the dialog box doesn't show ok button if too many invoices selected - update to remove list of invoice numbers
  • Purchase - Add new "availability" to allow setting meals, merchandise or tickets to be available for committee to buy only - when select don't display on members page

v6.15 (available from 15 December 2011)

  • Financial - update so can't change statuses on auto booking invoices, so shows full status on manual booking invoices and so can email or add comments when invoices have different statuses
  • Booking - error when cancel booking by clicking on cancel booking in timer it doesn't completely cancel - shows in progress, but when click continue no dates etc 
  • Financial - allow members to transfer credit notes between balances (driven by parameter)
  • Report - error in membership report - not displaying financial correctly when run for all members (ok when run on single member) - issue is also in membership status report

v6.14 (available from 5 December 2011)

  • Booking - update SYB to work for clubs with multiple lodges
  • Financial - when have status with same id as deleted status, get error in members report
  • Financial - when create invoices for all families and then click "view invoices" link get "input string not in correct format" error
  • Financial - add admin warning and error before payment is sent to PayPal if there is no PDT Token in the parameter
  • Membership - when have status with same status id as deleted status, search results are returning duplicate records

v6.13 (available from 29 November 2011)

  • Admin - Add parameter "AllowMembersAddPhotos" to control whether members can add photos to the photo gallery. If set false members will not be able to add galleries or photos, edit existing or delete. 
  • Booking - Hide dietary requirements text at bottom of bunk list when in edit view (should only show in print / pdf views)
  • Booking - Request meals shows up twice during the booking process 
  • Booking - when cancel in progress booking doesn't clear timer 
  • Booking - when expire booking nights, don't add invoice lines if changing from I status - end up with -ve invoice 
  • Financial - add descriptive text to payment methods on payment page and reorder so is first 
  • Financial - can't complete transaction when paying for entire invoice using credit note as member 
  • Financial - error on payment page to fill in all field when choose to use credit note for payment (error is on payment method, even when payment method not showing) 
  • Financial - when change family master, need to check invoices and credit notes are correctly transferred (or not) 
  • Financial - When set overdue invoices, should set $0 ones to paid (shouldn't have overdue invoices with $0) - or give way to manually set as paid 
  • General - checkboxes misaligned in IE7 & IE9 - maybe just change to a table layout? 
  • General - editor not saving iframes correctly. maybe change settings to allow all HTML? 
  • General - hanging on send emails when sending invoices 
  • General - Issues with image and doc controls in FF and Safari 
  • General - set financial page includes hidden members 
  • Reports - error in financial position report on kac site - when do members only get no data, when do all member types get data will be truncated message 

v6.12 (available from 17 November 2011)

  •  Financial - Check removed all references to transactionitem and delete transaction item table
  •  Financial - Invoice doesn't open from events tickets page - remove past purchases and can see purchases in invoices section
  •  Financial - Pass extra info to in invoice id field - cre or inv, trans type, trans id & invoice id 
  •  Financial - Purchases invoice uses booking invoice header - should use default 
  •  Financial - when processing a payment, if get an error need to save in error field in transaction, not in payment method field 
  •  General - events list not showing multi day events that are currently in progress
  •  Purchase - Don't show form on buy page if nothing available - show message
  •  Purchase - error on maintain page when adding a new meal or merchandise - Missing options for available field
  •  Purchase - update so event auto sets to sold out when run out of tickets
  •  Purchases - continue button is displaying on maintain page when have nothing to purchase 
  •  Purchases - Update event ticket behaviour so can turn ticket availability on / off without having to set number available to 0, and also display appropriately to members
  •  Purchases - update radio buttons to be in two cols on maintain pucrhases page
  •  Purchases - when editing existing meal / merchandise shouldn't be able to change type 
  •  Purchases - when maintaining / adding shouldn't be able to do tickets (that is only done through event page 
  •  Report - bug in invoice detailed report - doesn't do cross tabs right 
  •  Report - Fix events and purchases reports - both using transactionitem table still
  •  Admin - Add ability to have age range 0-0 for membership statuses 
  •  Financial - Add lodge name to invoice title (so shows in booking invoices and in tables on site) 
  •  General - Add Send emails field to booking status change pages so committee can indicate whether to email member when change status
  •  General - Add Send emails field to payments page so when committee records a payment they can indicate whether to email the member 
  •  General - Update change status page to show more info in status change to drop down
  •  General - Update SendAutomatedEmails param to be Send AutomatedBookingEmails, and to control whether booking emails are sent 

v6.11 (available from 9 November 2011)

Notes below are for v6.01 - 6.11 
  • Add in PDT for PayPal transactions (a secondary way of talking between PayPal and Club System) to ensure transactions are recorded as completed in Club System when the PayPal transaction is complete
    Requires clubs using PayPal to create and provide a PDTToken
  • Change all bookings to be invoiced.  Can determine how and when members are required to pay for bookings using payment methods (see below)
  • Add booking payment methods:
  • In Advance –bookings must be paid as part of the creation process (invoices are finalised and paid as part of booking process) – equivalent to not allowing members to have a negative balance, except payment can be taken as part of the process
  • On Accept – payment is required once booking has been accepted (invoice is finalised when booking is accepted)
  • Anytime – booking can be paid for at any time (invoices are finalised as part of the booking process)
  • None – all payments are handled outside Club System (invoice is never accepted)
  • Add credit notes for subs and bookings (equivalent to positive balances), and allow credit notes to be used as payments on invoices
  • Update subs invoicing screen to allow more options when creating invoices, and to ensure that a member is only invoiced once per season for each yearly fee type (e.g. membership sub, maintenance levy, locker etc)
  • Remove sent as invoice status, and instead use last sent to member 
  • Allow multiple invoices for a family at a time
  • Update manage invoices page to allow to select multiple invoices at once
  • Update member invoice page to return all open invoices, including overdue invoices
  • Add new invoice header and footer parameters to allow bookings and subs invoices and credit notes to have different headers and footers
  • Rearrange financial pages in subs menus
  • Update financial pages to display correctly for new invoicing and credit notes
  • Add transfer page to allow credit notes to be transferred between subs and bookings
  • Update payment code options
  • Rename CreditCardFee parameter to OnlinePaymentFee
  • Add ability to bulk update and send invoices
  • Update events and purchases to create invoices and include payment page in part of process
  • Remove past purchases page as information is now included with invoices
  • Add InvoiceAddressMargin to push address on invoices to the right so will properly fit within an envelope window
  • Add Authorize.Net payment option (can use instead of, or as well as PayPal) – only available in the USA
  • Create credit note report
  • Add in progress booking status for bookings that have been started but not completed
  • Add MembersBookGuestsOnly parameter to allow members to make bookings for guests with no members included in the booking
  • Remove last updated text at top of bunk availability page )is now in real time so no longer required)
  • Update booking searches (Manage Bookings and My Bookings) to allow to select statuses by checkboxes instead of radio
  • Update SYB timer
  • Move Max Occupancy to Committee > Booking area (was in admin)
  • Add MemberSearchFields parameter to allow member fields to be turned on and off
  • Automatically set financial to no when member status is non member or hidden type
  • Left align addresses on address labels
  • Add SendAutomatedEmails parameter to set whether to send automated emails
  • Add in new captcha for use on the contact us form (Are You Human question)
  • Fixes for IE9 (ongoing)
  • Update QYSIQYG editor to latest version
  • Update various reports
  • Make Admin Warnings icon red to make more obvious
  • Remove last logged in display as is not accurate with keep logged in (is still on export)
  • Display “not found” image when an image is not found
  • Add more predefined fields to Contact Members options, so can personalise bulk emails (e.g. firstname, lastname, title etc)
  • Update to document and image upload controls to work in Chrome (issues yet to be resolved in Firefox)
  • Update locker allocation to make it easier to unallocate lockers
  • Various bug fixes